Guitar Lessons Online

This section of is a free resource for guitarists that are interested in improving their play.

Feel free to explore the guitar lesson videos that cover topics for both fingerstyle and jazz guitarists! You’ll find lessons on guitar chords, guitar scales, chord melody, improvisation, guitar technique, and much more. No matter what your skill level, I hope this section of will be useful in helping you reach your potential as a guitarist.

Guitar ChordsLearn the different guitar chords

Chord Scaffolding System

Guitar ScalesLearn about how guitar scales work.

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Chord MelodyLearn how chord melodies work.

Chord Melody vs. Linear Style

Fingerstyle GuitarAll about fingerstyle / finger style guitar style

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Jazz GuitarLearn to play jazz guitar style

Jazz Guitar System

Ear Training for GuitaristsDiscover how it works

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Guitar ImprovisationMaking it up as you go

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Fretboard NavigationExercises for the guitar fretboard

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Guitar CompositionHow to write songs on guitar

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